An Anonymous Vietnam Veteran Writes....

 The following are the words of an anonymous Vietnam Veteran who wrote in to the site. We thought it appropriate that these precious comments be published as a separate article....

As 19 yr. old Marine I was trained to kill the enemy and I will admit I had no reluctance to do so when we went out looking for them. Army units, not paratroopers or rangers,knew where to go to avoid contact.U.S. paratroopers and rangers of RVN area were highly motivated but VC and NVA would capture them but as a testimony has to how much smoke we put on their asses, they had bounties on our heads and only started taking marine prisoners when they knew that politics would soon end U.S.involvement.In the 1st combined action group our kill ratio was 11 to 1.

When those piss and garlic smelling bastards would mutilated, brutally mutilate one of ours we played their game, "you want to play fuck around you fish head eating monkey's, we'll play fuck around!!" It was tit for tat that stopped their "animalistics". I never enjoyed killing and never bragged about it in later yrs.But what hurts the Vietnam Vet is that we had no business fighting people who were trying to rule their own land and take it from those as the french who just wanted their resources. Although we never thought we were fighting for freedom but for each others survival, "with my buddy I'm cool cause united we stand" and we never lost a battle and when they hit us we knew that they out numbered us and still wipe out the VC and the 95th NVA got to where they ran from us cause every time we met them their numbers got less and less, some would surrender for the B-52's out fear in them and once they got trapped between us and the ROK Blue Dragon marines, those Koreans put a hurt on them more then we did and many became Chu Hoi's (fight us no more and live and eat well) My guilt is not of killing their wounded for that's what they did to us or flayng them alive went we found one of ours like that but the poor peasants who were caught in the middle, who got their meager huts and food resources burned when we found enemy arms and food sashed If they didn't do it the VC would kill them, we just destroyed the little bit they had.

The thing about combat professionals we started off as rookies and out of necessity of survival we got to be efficient killers and in my heart although I never want to harm another in anger or war, I know that if there is no flight, I will kill before being killed. When I come to this site it makes that guilt go away, it reminds me that I never let myself turn into an animal for the love of harming and killing ass many of us did but not on the scale of these blood sucking raping Japanese swine or Hilters less than men butt boy SS pigs. If I had have been in my father's war after knowing what japan and Hitler was doing to people I would have loved the honor of sending them to hell. I would have gladly fought and killed these baby killing rapist. The fact that so many were pardoned makes me sick to my stomach.But when I see what they did I feel so much relief for only did what we had to do and rape, baby killing and torture was beneath us.

Thank you Jesus!!
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"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
-- George Santayana


"Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness."
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